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No. 1 Rated Water As Gas Conversion Guide In 2009

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The key to success with this technology is to have a guide and company that makes it EASY and HELPS you in case you have any questions. This company does this and with this combination, you could be saving money on gas with the kit installed in hours.

The kit works with any car, SUV, bus, van, motorcycle or truck and is clearly the best for people who are mechanical beginners and still want to have the benefits of driving with water quickly and easily.

The parts needed for the kit are readily available and cost less than $30. Depending on where you live, the price may vary. I increased my Nissan's fuel efficiency by 116.8% and it runs quieter with more power. With this type of improvement, you'd get back your investment in a couple of weeks.

Mechanics agree that current engines normally utilize only 20-25% of the power of the gasoline being used. By installing the very easy to build at home RunAutoWithWater system, oxy-hydrogen gas will be injected into the engine to increase the ability of your car engine to produce energy.

The fact is that the hydrogen in water is 1000% times more potent and full of energy than gasoline is. By using electricity from your car's engine, the hydrogen stays in the form of water up until the split second needed to add to the combustion chamber of your motor. The end result is an increased fuel efficiency of up to 70-80% as well as a cleaner engine and smog-free exhaust.

The system can be quickly and easily connected to the vehicle's battery and draws less than 1-2 amps. The system is protected by a fuse and can be connected or disconnected in less than 5-10 minutes.

Because of such a low power consumption of our design, the vehicle battery lasts just as long as when the system is not attached.

Our design using stainless steel rods produces more oxygen and hydrogen, consumes less electrical power, and is easier and simplier to build (compared to older designs that use plates or spiral cables). It also lasts longer, is easier to clean, and is safer because there is less deterioration of the components.

The system also provides a very simple design, a MUST for any first-time installer. It also comes with an 8-week money back guarantee.

The design also provided TWO TIMES the output of HHO (oxyhydrogen), of any comparable design, which is CRITICAL for the greatest money savings on gas.

2010 Update: there is now a promotion running on the site, and it is temporarily available for $67 instead of $550 and includes 5 free bonuses. The price, I was told will shoot back up to $97 soon.

In Summary: Cheap materials, quick and easy setup, designed for complete car beginners, free bonuses, and average proven increase in fuel efficiency of 72%- our #1 pick.

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This technology works just as well for car, truck, or big-rig owners.

Many of the first clients we have had are fleet owners who own several cars that are being driven all day long. They had to find a way to decrease their gas costs or go out of business. A flower shop owner with 3 trucks reported that their gas bill went down to about 1/4 of what it was before. A shuttle service with 60 cars and vans reported a savings of over 60% a month in gas and vehicle maintenance.

Big rig owners or drivers who have implemented the RunAutoWithWater system have given feedback to us of increases as high as tripling their miles per gallon.

The concept behind this technology is very simple. Right now, your vehicle engine works only on gas or petrol and the electrical spark that starts the combustion. While this process works, and your vehicle moves, about 70 to 80% of the potential power is lost.

In the RunAutoWithWater system, hydrogen and oxygen from water is extracted by using a small amount of electricity from your car's battery. This gas (also known as oxyhdrogen or Brown's gas) is then fed into the vehicle's engine to improve the combustion process.

The result is an increase of efficiency of the car engine, cleaner engine and a byproduct or exhaust of water. Carbon deposits are removed from the engine, there is less engine "pinging", more torque, and greater acceleration power.

In our stringent testing and development process, we have optimized the creation of the gas as well as the structure of the components and building of the system to create the greatest possible increase in fuel efficiency than any other system we tested.

If all of this sounds complicated, or confusing, don't worry - we provide step-by-step plans as well as contacts for other people who can build your RunAutoWithWater system for you.

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