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Fat Loss Regimen - Part Two

Now that you have a sample nutrition program to follow, I will now provide a sample workout program that will go along with your fat loss program.

I am a strong advocate on body weight exercises and the use of kettlebells for fat loss. You don't need a fancy $4000 piece of cardio equipment to get the job done. In fact, these exercises will get you the toned look that most people want. (Not just the skinny, flabby look that you get from hours of cardio and no weight training.) And you will also get stronger!

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Bodyweight Exercises For Size & Strength!
I get a ton of emails every week regarding bodyweight exercises. People want to know what are the best bodyweight drills for size and strength.
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All of these exercises provided below can be done with a dumbbell. I strongly encourage the use of kettlebells, however, because of the way the weight is distributed and the use of a handle. I have seen people over and over again get great results with this Russian tool.

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Sample Beginning Workout Program.


1) Body Weight Squats - 3 sets x 10 reps
Notes: Go through each exercise with a 45 second rest in between. (Repeat the exercises 3 times.)

2) Tricep Push-Ups - 3 x 8

3) Lat Pulldowns - 3 x 10

4) Plank - Hold for 30 seconds

Notes: Try to only take a 30 second break in between the last three exercises. Repeat 3-5 times.

5) Swings - 15 swings

6) Jump Rope - 30 seconds


1) Turkish Get-Ups - 3 on each side

Notes: Go through each exercise taking 45-60 seconds rest. Repeat 3 times.

2) Step-Ups On A High Step - 12 times on each leg

3) Clean And Press - 8 times on each arm

4) Single-Arm Front Squats - 5 on each side

Notes: 30 second rests on the last three exercises, repeat them three times through.

5) Swings - 15 swings

6) Medicine Ball Twists - 20 times


1) Plank - Hold for 30 seconds
Notes: Take a 30 second rest after each exercise. Repeat 3 times.

2) One-Arm Rows - 8 per side

3) Stationary Lunges - 10 on each leg

4) Kettlebell Chest Press - 8 on each arm

5) Alternating Overhead Press - 5 on each arm

6) Explosive Box Squats - 10 times

Notes: Rest for 1 minute after each exercise. Repeat 3 times. Try and work your way up to resting for only 30 seconds.

7) Alternating Swings - 20 times

Notes: Rest for 1 minute after each exercise. Repeat 3 times. Try and work your way up to resting for only 30 seconds.

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Plank Hold Video

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Double Kettlebell Swings.

Jump Rope

View The Video Of
Jump Rope Workouts

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MPEG (4.89 MB)

Turkish Get-Ups

Medicine Ball Twists

Stationary Dumbbell Lunges

Stationary Dumbbell Lunges
Video Guides: Windows Media - Real Player

Alternating Kettlebell Overhead Press

This program will work every muscle in your body and will help shed the unwanted fat. Stick to this program for 4 weeks. As it gets easier, try and repeat 4-5 times. You never want to train to failure for this program. You want to leave each workout feeling fresh and energetic.


How To Structure A Kettlebell Workout For Size And Strength!
Designing an effective kettlebell program is about keeping things simple. Get sample training programs that will give size & strength!
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Use a weight that is heavy enough to where you know you would be able to do 2-3 reps more at most without compromising form. Good luck with your fat loss, and feel free to email me for questions or comments on how you are doing with your programs!

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Lauren Brooks is a fitness and strength trainer in San Diego, CA. Lauren earned her B.S. in Kinesiology with an Emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health from San Diego State University. Lauren is certified as a Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise, as a Russian Kettlebell Instructor by RKC, and a Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

Lauren has experience working with men and women of all ages, and all fitness levels, and has over six years of experience as a personal trainer.

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